Common reasons Mach3 license will not license software.
Posted by on 21 July 2017 10:02 AM

- The Mach3 license must be named Mach1Lic.dat, any variation to that name and the software cannot see the license file and it will revert to demo.

- You must be using a user account on the PC and running Mach3 with Administrative privileges or the software will not license. You can give Mach3 administrative privileges by right-clicking the shortcut, going to Properties, Advanced, and selecting 'Run as Administrator.'

- Mach3 must be installed in the C: drive of the PC.

- The license file needs to be placed in the Mach3 root file directory of the software all by its self with all the other individual files not in any sub folder or it will not license the software.

-Turn off any antivirus software you may be running. Those programs can interfere with Mach3 and should not be used during any cutting operations.

- The version must be a valid one. There are many cracked version of Mach3 available that will not work properly and are unsupported. Alway use the versions of Mach3 from our website to ensure that you are using a valid version of Mach3.

- There are many cracked license files out there, some may take you version out of Demo but they will run right. When you click on the help then the about tabs it opens a window that shows if the software is license and if so to whom. If the name in the license too box is not yours or the name of the company that sold it to you it could be a pirated license file. Submit a ticket for support and send them a copy and we can verify that it is valid or not. 

-Check out the support video linked below for further instructions on downloading and installing your license.

- If you are still having issues with license submit a ticket to our support team in the link below and we can assist you via email or we can schedule a remote session to see what the issue may be.

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