Thinking of buying a machine from an auction site or a far off land?
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Mach3 and Mach4 are sold by us as DIY (do it yourself) CNC control. Most of our OEM’s and distributors provide a high level of service and support for their hardware and software bundle. Our software is used on thousands of machines, each requiring specific technical knowledge to configure and use. We provide as much assistance as possible, which typically consists of helping with license issues, software installation issues, or general software information. Configuring unknown hardware is simply not possible without detailed, specific information.

The OEM (original equipment manufacturer) of a machine should have the full knowledge and technical information necessary to configure the software correctly. There are more than a billion possible combinations of hardware that can be used with Mach3 and Mach4. This great flexibility can also make it difficult for a user who is new to CNC and believes they have purchased a complete and operating CNC machine. We would like to help everyone configure their machine, but we simply do not have the wiring diagram, motor specifications, drive specifications, etc. that are needed.

Building your own CNC machine is a very rewarding experience and we are happy to provide a great CNC control program at an affordable price. When you build your own CNC machine, you are the OEM.

Purchasing an unassembled or untested machine that does not include the computer/processor with pre-configured software is a CNC KIT. There are many great kits out there and many terrible ones. Please buy a kit from a reputable CNC company that provides the level of support you require. The OEM of the kit is responsible for support and the method for configuring their machine.

With even the best machines and kits, a professional usually requires two or more days of reading and setting up the machine until it is ready for use.

Questions to Consider:

  • What level of support do I require and what is provided?
  • Is this a reputable company? Am I buying stolen merchandise or software?
  • Is there a company website or shop?
  • Do I trust the reviews?
  • Is there anyone who understands my language or will help me?
  • Do I really want a kit or do I want a turn-key machine?
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