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Mach3 Updating Manual
Posted by on 07 July 2015 09:31 AM

Steps to update or move Mach3
We do not recommend updating Mach3 just for the sake of updating. Unless there is a
feature or fix in a different version of Mach3 that you must have leave it alone.
1) The very first thing to do is make sure you have all of your existing files backed up to a safe
location. This will preferably be to a thumb drive or other mobile storage device so you can
easily transfer files from one PC to another. The files needed can be found in your Mach3 root
folder. The default location for this folder is C:\Mach3 but if you chose an alternate location
when installing you should know where to look for it. I recommend copying your entire Mach3
root folder to insure you have everything but the main files you need to back up are:
1. Your xml file. This is the file that holds all of your configuration settings. You should know
the name of the profile/s you use but if your not 100% certain make sure you save a copy of
all files with the .xml extension in your Mach3 root folder.
2. Any licenses files you have.
3. Any custom Screen sets and any bitmaps needed for them.
4. Any custom macros you have.
5. Any plug-ins your machine requires.
6. Any custom brains you may be using.
2) Make sure your new PC meets the minimum recommended requirements.
3) Download Mach3. If your machine PC has an internet connection you can download Mach3 ,
license and other files straight to it. If it does not, you will need to download them to another
PC with an Internet connection and put them on some sort of mobile storage device (thumb
drive, CD, etc.) so you can transfer them to your machine PC. You can find the lock down
version of Mach3 at . You can find older
versions of Mach3 on our FTP site at .
4) Following the Mach3 Mill Install and Config. Guide Install the desired version of Mach3.
A) If you are using an operating system prior to Vista you can double click the Mach3
B)If you are running Vista or a later operating system right click on the Mach3 Installer
and choose Run as administrator.
2. Follow the install wizard instructions to finish installing Mach3.
5) If you had your machine running previously and you followed the Mach3 Mill Install and
Config. Guide you would have backed everything up and created a custom profile. All you need
to do now is replace and/or add any necessary files you backed up earlier.
1. In the Mach3 root folder on the machine add or replace any of the necessary files you
backed up earlier.
6) If you did not follow the Mach3 Mill Install and Config. Guide previously you will want to
follow the guide to configure Mach3 for your machine.

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