Updating Mach4
Posted by on 01 February 2017 09:00 AM

Steps to update Mach4.

- Copy the existing version of Mach4 and rename it something else.

- Go to our website and download the current version of Mach4 ( )

- Install the current version over top of the existing version.

- While the Mach4 should retain all your settings, screen sets , plugins, and scripts you can sometimes lose these things. Your copy of Mach4 will have all of them so you can easily retrieve them.

- Once the update is done and all the setting are transferred and it all works then delete the copy.

- Unless you are changing PC's and or hardware on the PC then the license will work on the new version.

- If you r PC ID does change you can log in to your account from our website and email a replacement license file with the new PC ID.

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