Transfering Mach3 from one PC to another.
Posted by on 13 June 2017 09:51 AM

If you want to transfer Mach3 from one PC to another you can. The first step is downloading Mach3 from the webiste and install it on the new PC. Your license file is named Mach1Lic.Dat and is located in the Mach3 root file directory of the PC's C: drive. The Mach3 licenses are not tied to a specific PC so your license can be easily transfered by copying it an placing it in the Mach3 root file directory of the new PC. The configuration settings are saved in the .xml file for the profile that you are using. So, if your using the default mill profile it will be named Mach3Mill.xml and that will also be in the Mach3 root file directory. Copy and transfer it to the new PC as well as any custom macros, screensets, Brains or plugins. All can be loaded onto a USB thumb drive or CD and transferred that way.

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