3020/6040 Tabletop CNC USB Motion Controller Setup
Posted by Bryanna Bates on 16 June 2017 08:51 AM

Are you using the version of Mach3 from our website, Or was it sent with your machine on a writable CD?


If it came on a writable CD and your machine came from an auction site like Amazon or eBay, it is more than likely a pirated version of our legitimate software that is unsupported and does not work properly. You can download the legitimate Mach3 from and control your machine in Demo Mode to test it out. This will run up to 500 lines of g code for you. Once you know everything works together, you can purchase a license file from our website.


The USB motion controller in your machine may not be compatible with our legitimate software, in which case you will need to replace it with a compatible motion controller. That machine can be run with Mach3 or Mach4. Check out some of the motion controllers below to see what might work best for you. Each of these are well-supported and well-documented by their manufacturers, and have been used and tested by our team. 


Mach3 & Mach4:

Mach4 only:

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